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Planned Mitigation

Mitigation Measures

Several measures are being taken to help mitigate the loss of the bridge and its contribution to the Grand Rounds and BNSF Rail Corridor.  The following stipulations are included in the Memorandum of Agreement:

  • Historic Interpretive Space/Plaza -
    An overlook or pull off on the southwest corner of the crossing with an information kiosk and portions of the existing bridge.
  • Recordation of the Bridge (90664) -
    Professional documentation according to Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) standards, includes photos and laser scan.
  • Marketing of the Old Bridge for Sale -
    The City offered the truss(es) for sale to be relocated, restored, and reused for transportation purposes.  One proposal was submitted but was determined not feasible.
  • Scholarly Article -
    A scholarly article has been prepared for publication by a qualified historian.  The article will also be included here after publication.
  • Design Review -
    Follow Secretary of Interior Standards to minimize additional adverse effects to the Railroad districts and Grand Rounds.  Provide for design review from:
        - MnDOT CRU
        - MnSHPO
        - City of Minneapolis
        - Minneapolis Park & Rec Board
        - Public Involvement via Open House & Website


RENDERINGS OF the historic interpretive plaza design




Nearly a dozen interpretive panels have been developed and will be installed along the railing at the interpretive plaza.  Preliminary drafts of the panels are included below: