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New Bridge Design

New Bridge Design

Rendering of the proposed space-frame through-truss and two steel beam approach spans.  The spans are supported by two piers in the rail yard and two abutments on either side of the crossing.

Rendering of the interior of the proposed truss.  The new space-frame through-truss references the 5 Warren through-trusses that it will replace while embracing new ideas and approaches to engineering.  Note the 14 foot wide trail on the south, one traffic lane in each direction, and a 10 foot wide sidewalk on the north.  The railing, located within the truss on the exterior edges of the trail and sidewalk, is comprised of mesh panels supported by steel posts all atop a concrete parapet.

The roadway layout shows the realignment of both California Street and Main Street.  It also shows the addition of a sidewalk on the east side of California Street all the way down to 31st.

The new crossing will accommodate two (2) traffic lanes (one in each direction), a 10’ sidewalk on the north and a 14’ trail on the south.

An interpretive space/plaza will be located at the southeast corner of the intersection of California Street at St. Anthony Parkway.



Check out this animation which describes how the existing trusses will be removed, and how the new truss will be launched into place.